Birthday Girl

The One Where I’m 43…

Today is my birthday. I’m 43. Such an odd number to say AND type. I don’t feel 43. I’ve been told I don’t look 43 either. Whatever THAT means!

I dunno. I think I’m still kinda just processing it all, ya know? I’ve always been the kinda girl who is crazy excited about her birthday. I count it down each year, and sing made up songs to my parents about it. Yep, I’m a pretty cool chick. Fo sho. This year has been no exception, it just all feels a little different. Not any one thing I can put my finger on either.

Maybe it’s that I’ve got a day full of errands, including a therapy appointment for B, that makes it seem so un-birthday like? Or making my own cake? I doubt it’s the latter though. I do that every year! What can I say, I like my own cakes!

Whatever IT is I’m sure will work itself out in the chaos of the day. And no matter what happens, I’m truly looking forward to seeing what 43 holds in store for me. I have a feeling it’s going to be an EPIC year.